Welcome to The Gentle + Classical Homeschool Group

Enjoy community & connection among other families who love Gentle + Classical curriculum.

About Us

This group is a USER-SUPPORTED tool to learn from and encourage one another in using the programs available from The Gentle + Classical Press. Ask questions, post pictures and videos, share and encourage one another. While Erin (the author) is around, this group is created so that users of Gentle + Classical programs can support each other, answering questions and overcoming challenges together. This group is NOT A BST.  

Why You Should Join Us

Homeschooling can feel overwhelming and isolating. Choosing a non-traditional method of education can make it all the more challenging. Find like-minded parents who seek to approach home education with a Christ-first, virtue-centered, whole, living, educational approach. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for helping make this curriculum an actual community. We hope you find encouragement, peace, and joy in our midst!